Multi-location Website Uptime Monitoring

Be the first to know if your website is down anywhere in the world!

Uptime and performance matters.

When your site is down or performing poorly it can damage your brand, lower your search engine rankings or worse, it can make you lose money. We use our network of servers to ping your site up to every minute to make sure everything is running smoothly. In the event something does go wrong you are alerted immediately by any number of our powerful alerts.

What do our customers think?

"Web Uptime gives me peace of mind, knowing that when the inevitable does happen and my sites go offline Iā€™m notified instantly. The ability to see response times for multiple regions is also invaluable."

ā€” Ashley Rich, WPScanner

"Love @webuptimeapp, as last night I got a notice that multiple regions could not reach my site, proof I need to take action!"

ā€” Ian Jones, Byte Pixie

Be the first to know when your site is down

Multi-location Monitoring

We monitor your site from multiple different locations around the world so you can have peace of mind your site works everywhere.

1 Minute Checking

Our paid plans come with 1 minute checking so you'll always be the first to know if something has gone wrong.

Global Response Times

See how your site is responding from different locations around the world to quickly diagnose problems if they arise.

Incident Management

Powerful incident reporting, searching and filtering allows you to see where and why incidents occurred.

3rd Party Integrations

Use our third party integrations to get notified where it suits you most. In your Slack channel for example.

Reliable Monitoring

Our server's are powered by Amazon's powerful Web Services infrastructure so we can always monitor your sites with confidence.

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